Ensure your lobbying activities are ethical and legal

Jay understands your right to freedom of speech and your right to communicate with your elected representatives and other public office holders. He can assist you to achieve your goals effectively, ethically and legally. He knows the legal requirements for lobbyists and how effectively to influence public policy decisions.

Since 2004, he has worked as an investigator, adjudicator and Deputy Commissioner for the BC Office of the Information Commissioner, where he was also responsible for regulating the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

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Lobbyist Registration Services

Jay has extensive knowledge of lobbying regulation law in BC and across Canada. He also knows how regulators approach investigations, what they are looking for and how they assess individual cases.

Jay knows how lobbyist can demonstrate effectively to regulators that they are following the law. He also knows what they need to do rectify any contraventions to ensure the best outcome of a regulatory investigation and to avoid administrative monetary penalties and publicity.

Protect your reputation by ensuring that you comply with the LTA.

All registration and monthly reports are accurate and up to date.

Represent you in investigations by the lobbying regulator.

Drafting formal submissions to the regulator.

Advising on communications strategy in response to investigations and complaints.

Influencing public policy decisions requires expert strategy and planning.

Influencing Services

Jay has worked extensively for public official holders and knows their priorities and understands their decision-making processes. He has attended meetings between Ministers and lobbyists and seen how different approaches have different levels of success. He knows what you need to do to make your message receptive to the official that has the power to help you.

Achieve your operational goals by effectively influencing the right decision makers

Identifying the official who is best placed to help you.

Devising a lobbying strategy most likely to succeed in achieving your objectives.

Drafting formal written submissions to decision makers that are persuasive and to the point.

Advising on communications strategy to gain public support for your goals.