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Protecting your reputation, meeting your operational goals, rectifying any legal contraventions.


We ensure that your privacy is fully protected and obtain appropriate redress for any privacy breaches.

Personal data is a valuable asset. Protect it.


Jay has extensive knowledge of privacy law in BC, across Canada and around the world. He also knows how regulators approach investigations, what they are looking for and how they assess individual cases. Jay knows how public bodies and organizations can demonstrate effectively to privacy regulators that they are following the law. He also knows what they need to do rectify any contraventions to ensure the best outcome of a regulatory investigation.


Dr. Jay Fedorak is BC’s most experienced and knowledgeable privacy consultant, with expertise on the implementation of access to information and protection of privacy laws provincially, federally, and internationally. He also has expertise in lobbying regulation in BC and Canada. Since 1993, he has responded to BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requests and implemented privacy management programs for BC government ministries. He has supported the Minister responsible for FIPPA in the administration of the law and providing advice and training to other public bodies.

Ensure that businesses and public bodies are keeping your information secure.

Data Protection

Jay knows how to formulate a privacy complaint that will assist the regulator to properly investigate and deliver the best outcome. More >

FOI Services

Jay knows how public bodies and organizations can demonstrate effectively to regulators that they are following the law. More >

Lobbying Services

Protect your reputation by ensuring that you comply with the LTA: all registration and monthly reports are accurate and up to date. More >

Data protection is integral to basic RISK MANAGEMENT.

Information is empowering.
Know your rights and how to exercise them.

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